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How will she stop the murder of millions?

"If you're looking for an edge-of-your-seat thriller, I highly recommend Fair Ways and Foul Plays."

“This exciting adventure jets your mind out of any isolation. You won't need to wear your mask, but you will need a seatbelt!”

A sinister global order terror group plots to destroy the U.S. economy. Business leaders must comply with extreme demands or face deadly consequences. Heir to his family's fortune, Jack McCabe learns of his parents' suspicious demise on the ski slopes of Austria. Then he discovers the cold body of his friend. Jack soon realizes that he is among those who've been targeted.

Expanding their evil, the terrorists devise a scheme that threatens humanity. Italian Interpol officer Kara Sterrio is a member of the team that searches for the enemy throughout Europe. It's a race against time to end this horror before it can be realized. Their antidote to chaos is at the root of their espionage and covert operations.

If you crave page-turning mystery and crime fiction with unexpected plot twists, this novel will grip you to its exciting conclusion. The stakes have never been higher.


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Their son has been shot. They pray he survives in this breathtaking novel.

Do you love fast-paced crime, mystery, and suspense? This book keeps you riveted from one gripping conflict to the next.

Tensions are rising near ancient Potawatomi burial mounds on the shore of Lake Maxinkuckee. The Indian tribe’s descendants remain in the area and legal testimony from one of them sends a murderer to prison. Cronies of this criminal now seek lethal revenge for their own evil power.

The lake is also the vacation home of Jack McCabe who becomes the unexpected heir to a pharmaceutical company and its highly coveted drug. A blackmail scheme by a former employee soon threatens the loss of the drug's formula. This extortion plot leads Interpol on a search for the thief along the French Riviera. 

The New Global Order has been nearly decimated, but three members are still at large. Interpol is intent on completing its mission and sends battle-tested teams to hunt down an illegal arms dealer near Budapest, a heroin trafficker in Naples, and a renowned jewel thief from Amsterdam. These fast-paced adventures are spellbinding.

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Two sisters have disappeared. Their frantic parents seek answers.

If you crave heart-wrenching suspense and crime mystery, this third installment of the International Thriller series will keep you mesmerized with every twist and turn.

During the construction of a new luxury hotel on Lake Maxinkuckee, bones of ancient Potawatomi Indians are disturbed, and fears of evil spirits are rising. It’s enough to fill an entire hotel secrets book.

The father of the missing teens was the judge in the hotel developer's murder trial. Criminals may still hold a grudge against him for their crony’s life sentence. Could they be behind the girls’ mysterious disappearance? Are they involved in some cruel obsession?

When the investigation moves to Europe in search of the girls, Interpol discovers a nefarious organization in Berlin behind the kidnapping. Intel from the CIA leads them to the masterminds who are also producing radioactive bombs. Suspected Nazi sympathizers involved in this dangerous scheme must be stopped before their weapons are delivered to the hands of Middle Eastern terrorists.

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Can Anyone Control the Beautiful Villain and Her Murderous Ways?

Readers recall the madman Adamis Baum. He and his minions believed the earth couldn’t sustain the world’s population because of dwindling natural resources. In a secret plot, the wicked terrorists planned to annihilate billions of people by dispersing an Ebola Zaire virus into the world’s water systems.

To protect his faithful from the deadly virus, Baum forced a hostile takeover of a Boston pharmaceutical company. Its drug offered phenomenal healing powers – even as a cure for the Ebola virus. 

In an ironic twist of fate, American Jack McCabe turned out to be the closest living relative to the slain Baum and inherited his fortune and the biotech company. 

Fast-forward to Formula for a Felony. McCabe has submitted his drug for FDA clinical trials. His pharmaceutical team is unaware of a corrupt lobby known as The Consortium that’s desperately opposed to FDA approval.

The Consortium’s fears of losing profits lead to a series of felonies to stop the new competitor in its tracks. Along with murderers and kidnappers, the pharmaceutical lobby has two unscrupulous senators in its pocket. 

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Diamond thieves are ready to strike. Who will escape with the ultimate prize?


The criminals will hit major European cities in a brilliantly timed and orchestrated plot. Interpol must track them down before they attack. The robbers are cunning. Their schemes are ingenious.

The target? Some of the world’s most prestigious jewelry stores, including Tiffany’s and Harry Winston’s. And annual events such as the Cannes Film Festival and the Paris Fashion Show. Diamond jewelry usually adorns movie stars and top models at these celebrations. If the criminals have their way, the diamonds will disappear.

One of the bold bandits has his eye on the most famous gem in the world: the Hope Diamond. This 45-carat blue stone, surrounded by white diamonds, is valued at $245 million. On display at the Smithsonian for decades, the rock was originally mined in India in the 1600s and then inset in the forehead of a large idol.

Throughout history, the Hope Diamond has either been stolen or sold for riches. But this stunning gemstone comes with a curse—dreadful misfortunes befall those who’ve possessed it. Is the thief willing to risk everything to steal this legendary treasure?

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Missing Memories takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride  you’ll never forget.


Share in one of most unbelievable and daring experiences ever in this thrilling adventure.

After Jack and Sara McCabe fought vicious attacks from a group of corrupt pharmaceutical companies, the family thought they were free. But memories of past atrocities remained.


Prior to the McCabes’ marriage, Jack discovered a letter from his grandfather, the first Amos McCabe. In it, he learned about his parents’ skiing trip to Austria where they mysteriously died. Stunned by this revelation, he and Sara flew to Innsbruck to investigate.

The cold-case files had been sealed at a local police station. When the couple opened the documents, they discovered the gondola cables had been hit by long-range rifle bullets. His parents plunged to the rocky terrain below, instantly ending their lives.

Seventeen years later, Sara surprised Jack with an amazing birthday gift. She arranged a family skiing trip to the Alps. Outwardly, Jack was thrilled. But in his mind, he tried to bury the brutal memories of his parents’ devastation.

Certainly nothing sinister could occur again to Jack's family. Or could it?

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