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"This is my type of fictional novel. Great characters and page-turning suspense throughout."

"It's a good fun lively adventure that jets your mind out of any isolation. You won't need to wear your mask but you will need your seatbelt!"

This explosive political thriller opens with a murder in small-town America and evolves into an international crime mystery. Interpol quickly becomes engaged in searching out and killing terrorists who have threatened their enemies with assassination. Several courageous women spearhead suspenseful police battles.

The terrorists’ deadly U.S. and European crime spree soon takes a frightening turn for the worse. The group’s maniacal leader masterminds a bioterror plot to drastically reduce the world’s population. Will it be too late to stop this madness before it can be realized?

If you crave page-turning mystery and crime fiction with unexpected plot twists, this novel will grip you to its exciting conclusion.

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Deadly Defiance solves the unfinished business of the first international thriller, Fair Ways and Foul Plays. Do you crave fast-paced crime, mystery, and suspense? This second novel keeps you spellbound from one gripping conflict to the next.

Tensions are rising near the ancient Potawatomi burial mounds on Lake Maxinkuckee in northern Indiana. The Indian tribe's descendants remain in the area and testimony from one of them has sent a Neo-Nazi to prison for murder. Cronies of this hate group now seek revenge.

The lake is also the vacation home of Jack McCabe. After the brutal annihilation of the maniacal terrorist leader of The New Global Order, Jack becomes the unexpected heir to a pharmaceutical company and its highly coveted drug. He is soon threatened with the loss of its formula to a rogue competitor. This blackmail scheme leads Interpol on a search for the criminal on the French Riviera.

The New Global Order has been nearly decimated, but three members are still at large. Interpol is intent on completing its mission and sends battle-tested teams to hunt down an illegal arms dealer near Budapest, a heroin trafficker in Naples, and  renowned jewel thief from Amsterdam.

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More insidious deeds are afoot in Suite Suspicion. If you crave heart-wrenching suspense and crime mystery, this third installment of the International Thriller series keeps you mesmerized with every twist and turn.

After the legal affairs of the slain Hugo DeMann are settled, his family proceeds with the development of DeMann Suites hotel on the shore of Lake Maxinkuckee. During construction of a new luxury pool, bones of ancient Potawatomi Indians are disturbed and fears of evil spirits are rising up. 

Two teenage sisters have gone missing from DeMann Suites. Their father was the judge in the trial of Hugo's murderer. Criminal elements may still hold a grudge against him for their crony's life sentence. Could they be behind the girls' mysterious disappearance?

When the investigation moves to Europe, Interpol has its hands full with a vile organization in Berlin. Intel from the CIA leads them to the masterminds behind radioactive bombs. Suspected Nazi sympathizers involved in this dangerous scheme must be stopped before the weapons are delivered to the hands of Middle East terrorists.

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