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At the end of my first book, Fair Ways and Foul Plays, protagonists Jack and Sara McCabe were thrilled to learn they were going to have a baby. Fast forward to my seventh. That child has grown to be twenty-year-old Amos, who has just graduated from college with a degree in anthropology and archeology.

Amos survived and even thrived in the sixth book, Missing Memories. It was so successful I wanted to explore an opportunity for him to spread his wings in another thrilling adventure.

 While researching book seven, I learned that archeologists actually found the bones of nine Neanderthals in a cave south of Rome, Italy. They also uncovered the remains of prehistoric predators, including giant hyenas. Scientists decided the hyenas may have killed the Neanderthals and brought them to the cave for a feast.

Having lived in Italy for a year, I decided this would be an intriguing opportunity for young McCabe. In the story, he’s invited to be part of the cave dig site after graduating college with a degree in anthropology and due to his previous Italian experience in book six.

In order to find out as much as I could about the Neanderthals, I spent days studying research concerning their lives 50,000 years ago. They faced a variety of challenges from nature, including harsh weather phenomenon and volcanic eruptions. And from fierce beasts and humans. While humans interbred with Neanderthals, they also took them for their slaves and badly mistreated them.

The Neanderthals were skilled as hunters, both on land and in the sea, and were adept at making fire, carving wood and stone, making jewelry and weapons. But they were no match for the humans.

What would it be like for a modern day human to inexplicably enter the primitive world of the Neanderthals? What could he teach them to help them improve their lives? Or would the experience be too threatening to even survive? With these questions in mind, I decided to write Ominous Odyssey. The story’s plot evolved during the writing process. As you can imagine, it was an emotional experience for me but I was thrilled with the result.


Here's part of a recap on the back cover of the novel:

Ominous Odyssey is a thriller and a love story. Now, with a degree in archeology and anthropology, Amos McCabe receives an invitation to work at a dig site in Italy south of Rome. Archeologists discovered the bones of nine Neanderthals inside this cave. The young man can’t wait to learn more of the secrets of these prehistoric people.

When Amos arrives at the dig site, the lead archeologist informs the new employee that there were tunnels they hadn’t yet explored. His curiosity gets the better of him. The adventurer brings his headlamp and investigates before anyone arrives on his first day at work. When the young man reaches the end of a tunnel, something terrifying happens.

He discovers he’s been transported to an alternate universe of 50,000 years ago. The explorer soon realizes there’s no way to escape. What will become of McCabe? Has his exuberance gotten the better of him? Join Amos for an adventure of a lifetime.


Book review from Amazon Italy: “What’s unique about this international thriller is its ability to explore the unknown. The story is intense and full of suspense, with an ending that is incredible. Ominous Odyssey is not just an adventure novel, it’s an intriguing journey that provokes reflection on what it means to be human, and how we can influence the world around us.”


As you know, my works include Fair Ways and Foul Plays, Deadly Defiance, Suite Suspicion, Formula for a Felony, Diamond Destiny, Missing Memories, and Ominous Odyssey. Prior to my writing efforts, I developed my creative skills as an advertising and communications professional.

Readers find that I reference Lake Maxinkuckee near Culver, Indiana, liberally in my novels. It was a summer vacation place that holds many fond memories from as far back as I can remember. The action or crime that occurs in the books begins in this small community and typically explodes in a variety of European locales.

An avid reader, I’ve enjoyed numerous authors in the mystery, thriller, and suspense categories. As a result, I hope you’ll experience the degree of fast-paced excitement that rivals many of the most popular in these genres.

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