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J.T. learning how to operate a speedboat with his father and sister.

The author gained a love for the European continent while living in Rome, Italy, for a year and traveling extensively. Before developing Fair Ways and Foul Plays and his other novels, he honed his writing skills as an award-winning communications professional.

Like Jack McCabe, the protagonist in the books, the author spent part of his summers at Lake Maxinkuckee, where the experiences became a wonderful part of his life. His grandfather, who purchased the cottage in the 1940s, provided him and his large family with many years of enjoyment and priceless memories. Yes, the “big hill” really exists and still offers a challenge.

If you've read the first book, you might imagine that the author graduated from the University of Notre Dame and even enjoyed a short stint on the rugby team. One of his good friends at the lake, another Notre Dame grad whose family also owned a cottage, was an accomplished barefoot skier. Fortunately, he has lived a long and healthy life.

The article below is from the Culver Citizen.

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