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Two sisters have disappeared.

Are they still alive?

Get your FREE copy of Suite Suspicion

If you crave heart-wrenching suspense and crime mystery, this third installment of the International Thriller series will keep you mesmerized with every twist and turn.

One Amazon reader said, "This adventure kept me glued to the action. Kelly hit it out of the park with his third novel. I loved the mystery and suspense!"

The father of the missing teens was the judge in a recent murder trial. The murderer’s pals may still hold a grudge against the judge for his role in their crony’s life sentence. Could they be behind the girls’ mysterious disappearance?

When the investigation moves to Europe, Interpol uncovers a nefarious organization in Berlin. CIA intel leads them to the masterminds who are behind the production of radioactive bombs. These suspected Nazi sympathizers are involved in a dangerous scheme. They must be stopped before their weapons are delivered to the hands of Middle Eastern terrorists.

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